DS presents AiMySuite

Milan, 11/03/2024

DigitalSuite Italy introduces the AiMySuite system, equipped with an artificial intelligence engine that improves customer care services and reduces operational costs.

It is able to optimize and automate customer responses by analyzing the characteristics of requests and acting on operational processes.

The AiMySuite solution for AI Process Management will be presented in Rome on March 22at the Innovation Training Forum, where DigitalSuite was selected as one of the 15 best innovative companies for 2024.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the strategic product development assets of DigitalSuite Italy, which has been exploring its application scenarios for years in both the business and B2B and B2C areas to improve customer care services and reduce operational costs.

The AiMySuite system has an advanced engine with artificial intelligence, which enables it to have dynamic and adaptive operation natively integrated with the CreditSuite and LogisticSuite solutions and the solutions already in the company.

Ideal for medium and large companies with large amounts of communications to process, such as Utilities, Highways, Law Firms, Recovery Companies and Banks, the platform offers numerous functions diverse and smart, That help reduce customer care activities ensuring, throughout the year, high efficiency and quality in practice management.

A key function is automatic recognition of documentation and analysis of requests to automate customer responses and implement internal actions, such as verification of payments or referral to dedicated teams. The suite also offers AI Team Management to improve customer care performance by analyzing customer habits and setting monthly goals for dedicated teams.

In the course of 2024, DigitalSuite Italia will introduce the AiMy-CreditSuite version in CreditSuite(www.creditSuite.eu) to significantly reduce management errors, setting the conditions for automatic management of organizational and regulatory audits, ensuring compliance with ARERA regulations.

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