Realizzato a Sciacca (AG) il primo MarketPlace di Comunità –

MUSEO DIFFUSO DEI 5 SENSI in Sciacca, has chosen our CommunitySuite platform to create Italy’s first community marketplace.

Milan, July 1, 2021: In 2019, a project was born in Sciacca to enhance the city, its traditions and the entire territory. Thus grows the idea of an Open-air Museum, of all and for all: a project aimed at tourists, residents, entrepreneurs and, more generally, at the entire Saccano hinterland. An Open-air Museum, which becomes Brand Identity of an entire city: Sciacca – City of the 5 Senses.

The collaboration with Museo Diffuso di Sciacca as part of the marketplace design, implementation and maintenance services provided by our specialists, in collaboration with iCube+, has led to the commissioning of the marketplace

The project, funded with Cultura Crea incentives, aims to hold together economic development, cultural growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability through a cooperative, participatory and inclusive ecosystem.

The Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi has been called a “unique social engineering laboratory in Italy” and is considered among the most innovative best practices in Italian tourism.

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