Serving the customer

The mobile app that offers an easy and convenient way to manage, installment and payment.

CREDITSUITE ® mobile APP is the suite APP made to meet the needs of sharing information with the end customer .

The service uses the latest Cloud technologies to ensure data security and real-time service delivery of credit management steps.

CREDITSUITE® is natively available on Android and IOS systems but also leverages WEB APP and Progressive Web APP logics to enable limitless usability.

CREDITSUITE ® mobile APP allows you to follow the entire credit management cycle, from sharing signed contracts, to scheduling, managing due date alerts, payments, sending reminders, installments, multichannel communications … for 360° credit management.

Everything is tracked and a clear statement of the contractual relationship can be requested from the APP at any time.


CREDITSUITE ® mobile APP is customizable in both layout and functionality.

The service is integrated with CREDITSUITE ®

CREDITSUITE ® mobile APP can be integrated with the company’s existing systems.

CREDITSUITE MOBILE APP: Download the flyer !


CREDITSUITE ® mobile APP has the following services that can be activated:

  • Sharing Contracts – Invoices – Installments
  • Account statement and schedule
  • Sending two-way communications
  • Deadline alerts
  • Dunning management and QRCode reading on letters
  • Managing Payments and setting up automatic payments
  • Highlighted notices and communications
  • Profile management (access even without registration)
  • Payment History
  • Support
  • Office search for assistance.


From traditional communications (letters, fax, email) to certified communications (RR, PEC, SMS) to instant messaging and alerts in APPs.

Everything is simple with CreditSuite!

The omnichannel nature of CREDITSUITE ® takes a leap forward because it not only puts the customer at the center, but provides for an interconnected system between all touch points. There is, therefore, a transfer of information between different channels and consistent content strategies, so that the user can, not only interact with the company but also have the same experience across all communication channels.

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Demo CreditSuite Mobile APP

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