TaxSuite achieves Agid Cloud Marketplace Certification

The TaxSuite Application Suite has brilliantly passed the qualification and enrollment process in AgID’s Cloud Catalog for Public Administration, being found to be compliant with all the expected security, performance and scalability, interoperability, technical support, transparency and portability requirements.

Milan, June 15, 2021: DigitalSuite Italia adheres to the PA Cloud Strategy, which aims to encourage the adoption of the cloud computing model in Italian Public Administrations, in line with the indications of the Country’s Digital Growth Strategy and the forecasts of the Three-Year Plan for Information Technology in Public Administration.

AgID has thus outlined a qualification path for Software as a Service providers so that public administrations can adopt homogeneous and quality Cloud services. Certification ensures that services are developed and delivered according to the reliability and security criteria considered necessary for public digital services.

As of May 2021, we are already present in AgID’s PA Cloud Marketplace as a Software as a Service (SAAS) provider with the CreditSuite Platform.

The qualifications obtained are the result of an ongoing commitment to the technological evolution of Software design and development processes, complex application management, and customer service delivery.

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