CON.GE.SI chooses CreditSuite for integrated water service credit management.

Milan, January 15, 2022.

CON.GE.SI. – Consortium of Municipalities for The Management of Integrated Water Service in the Crotone area, has selected CreditSuite as its cloud-based software solution for managing the Credit Operation Management processes of the Companies.

CON.GE.SI. operates in the production, delivery and management of Integrated Water Service in the territory of the Consortium Local Authorities of the Crotone area.

In addition to increasing its expertise and experience in the Utilities sector of the water industry, this collaboration is another recognition for DigitalSuite for the quality applied in the development of solutions and services for the integrated water sector.

DigitalSuite’s CreditSuite platform will support CON.GE.SI. 360° in credit management by allowing all phases of recovery to be governed with a single tool: from monitoring deadlines to managing reminders, from assigning files to external recovery companies to the extrajudicial and judicial phases.

CON.GE.SI. will automate with CreditSuite the management of detachments by providing technical teams on the ground with mobile phone-based tools to track activities and capture images about the detachment layer.

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