Logistics 4.0: The Sector’s New Challenge

Web Meeting April 25, 2021 2:30 p.m.

The special circumstances of 2020 have shone a powerful spotlight on the “Logistics and Transportation” sector,
making it stand out as a strategic sector and guarantor of the continuity of the Italian system.

There are many challenges that businesses must prepare to face, first among them: digital innovation.

Considered a dominant theme, digitization represents the industry’s game changer because through the intelligent and timely use of information, it enables the increase and optimize theefficiency of distribution processes, as well as provide the ability to monitor the movement of goods at all times, improving the overall visibility of logistics activities.

Therefore, the goal of digitization in the Logistics sector can only be achieved by bringing IT skills into the company, which will enable future goals to be achieved through optimized and sustainable processes.

  • What are the main solutions of Logistics 4.0?

  • What are the main variables to be considered in an evaluation of solutions?

  • What are the benefits and critical implementation issues of Logistics 4.0 solutions?

During the Meeting we will illustrate the main Digital Logistics solutions, providing a mapping by type and an assessment of benefits and critical implementation issues; we will also talk about LogisticSuite: a cloud computing service platform, created with the aim of helping companies refine their distributed logistics services.

LogisticSuite intervenes in executive processes and facilitates the exchange of information, allowing resources on the ground to be governed from a multi-departmental and multi-organizational perspective, with the goal of controlling the management of operational and financial flows.
We support the evolution of Logistics by improving its operational management and generating a positive reflection on the quality and governance aspects of the supply chain.

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