CreditSuite: Webinar March 8, 2022

Strategie digitali nel recupero dei crediti:
perchè la gestione del credito diventerà cruciale per governare l’instabilità dei mercati.


The world of Utilities and Service companies rallied for and in support of companies and individuals in difficulty with aggravated profit and loss accounts and difficulties in managing corporate liquidity.

The energy crisis and recent deliberations are once again shifting critical market issues into the hands of the companies that are being given more and more crisis governance tasks.

Digital technologies will play a key role in the operation and sustainability of companies as a key tool for compliance with national regulations and directives.

Live Webinars dedicated to credit management, where specialization and digital skills come together to provide answers to companies’ primary needs.

Topics Covered

  • How to manage liquidity risk arising from the emergency
  • How to deal with debt collection actions, in light of Government Decrees and recent Arera directives
  • How to improve debt collection activities, maintaining proximity to customers by having a complete picture of exposure, and activating fast and timely actions on overdue clusters
  • how to resolve disputes faster and reduce the average time to collection and out-of-court and court recovery actions.

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