The Role of Big Data in Utilities

Companies today are turning to Big Data to try to increase customer satisfaction rates and improve the efficiency and reliability of power generation. Particularly for Utilities, Big Datarappresenta turning point in the near future, but only if they have a plan on how and where to use customer data with advanced analytics.

Gas, water and electricity suppliers are looking for ways to analyze the huge volumes of data generated by their new smart systems to get detailed data on customer trends and operational efficiency and turn them into meaningful operational information.

With data analytics, energy companies could engage customers in highly personalized ways that could increase user satisfaction, reduce service costs, and promote new services and products. To compete successfully in the new environment the utilities should take advantage of the analysis of the Big Data to help translate data into usable analytics that enable better operational decisions with dedicated processing platforms that boost processing capabilities into meaningful information much faster than was possible in the past.


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