How to have all the tools to govern the company 360 degrees
Monitoring cashflow and marginality


The future of companies lies in the hands of resilient and innovative people.

The life of the company is “inside” contracts.

And it is exactly from this need that CONTRACTSUITE took shape, the only platform that allows entrepreneurs to have a 360-degree view of the real performance of the company and to manage “in advance” all situations that require an entrepreneurial vision:

  • Contract deadlines
  • Marginalities
  • Cashflow and financial requirements
  • Suppliers to be paid
  • Delayed customer payment receipts
  • Planning for the future.

ContractSuite offers a number of benefits:

  • Enables coordination of the financial impact of business commitments
  • Governs contracts with customers and suppliers by monitoring deadlines and conditions
  • Manages personnel in both contractual aspects and in monitoring hours worked per job order, tracking fixed and variable costs of expenses (such as expense reports and reimbursements)
  • Integrates cash inflows and outflows (banks, paypal, cards) to monitor payments and collections
  • Provides customer and supplier statements
  • Manages forecast cashflow to equip the company with predictive tools to govern liquidity.
  • Makes faster decisions with information available at any time.
  • Reduces overall IT and telecommunications costs due to the economies of scale achievable with a suite available as a service (SAAS) mode.

Demo meeting agenda

  • Suite goals and business benefits

  • Time and manner of adoption

  • Online demos

  • Questions and Answers

During the 30-minute online meeting, we will explain why ContractSuite , the goals behind the solution by providing a mapping of features and benefits.

We will demo ContractSuite: a cloud services platform created for the purpose of helping businesses with the governance of financial commitments and impacts.

ContractSuite intervenes in executive processes and facilitates information sharing, thus enabling governance of corporate resources, with the goal of controlling the management of operational and financial flows to improve operational management and generate a positive reflection on corporate margins.

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