Digital Innovation for Credit Operation Management

Online from March 21 to April 30, 2022

Do you want to learn about CREDITSUITE, the innovative credit management and recovery platform?

With the arrival of spring, we decided to offer new informational meetings regarding the important new features and evolution of the suite in the 2022 version.

In this important phase of global transition, credit governance is an indispensable element of business continuity.

CREDITSUITE, a service platform created to provide 360-degree support to businesses in credit management, enables the integration and governance of all operational phases (ordinary-judicial-judicial), from invoicing to communication cycles for the recovery of outstanding receivables.

The credit management of the future must pay special attention to the activity of
management and recovery
, as it is closely linked to the ability to
strategic control
: having digital solutions to govern organizational, legal and regulatory aspects in a timely and attentive manner, allows for
credit risk


  • March 21 to April 30, 2022
  • 30 meetings available

CREDITSUITE has the following verticals:

  • Electricity – Gas
  • Water
  • Banking and financial services
  • Insurance
  • Telco
  • Highway
  • Law firms
  • Debt Collection Company
  • Public Entities PAL – PAC.

What topics we will cover:

  • how to manage liquidity risk
  • How to deal with debt collection actions, in compliance with industry regulations and directives (Arera Utilities)
  • How to improve debt collection activities, maintaining proximity to customers by having a complete picture of exposure, and activating fast and timely actions on overdue clusters
  • How to manage and govern recovery companies
  • How to resolve disputes faster and reduce the average time to collection and out-of-court and court recovery actions
  • How to leverage digital technology for dynamic, automated governance of operations and business sustainability.

We will outline the updates of “internal/trusted” processes with special reference to the “dynamic workflow” module , enhanced in the latest version and adapted to the latest regulations and directives in force.

The most relevant features of the new release:

  • Regulatory and normative management ensured by “dynamic workflow,” applied in a timely manner to all stages of recovery (ordinary/trajudicial/cooperative/judicial), documentation generation, communications, scheduling, entrustment, legal files
  • Enhancement of internal, user-friendly“document composition” for any communication
  • Expansion of automated integrations with printers and mailers and integrated notification management
  • Enhancement of communications with “multi-cross-channel” approach for better “customer experience”
  • Strengthening front-office management
  • dynamic management of installment plans and monitoring
  • The management of entrustments and complete control of external third parties (collection agencies, law firms, collection agents)
  • Full integration with existing systems (Sap, Microsoft, and others)
  • dynamic process customization and reporting
  • Multi-company and multi-product management enhancement.

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CreditSuite Permanent Exhibition March 21-April 30, 2022

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