Do you want to know what’s new in CONTRACTSUITE, the innovative platform for managing your business ?

ContractSuite offers a number of benefits:

  • Enables coordination of the financial impact of business commitments
  • Governs contracts with customers and suppliers by monitoring deadlines and conditions
  • Manages personnel in both contractual aspects and in monitoring hours worked per job order, tracking fixed and variable costs of expenses (such as expense reports and reimbursements)
  • Integrates cash inflows and outflows (banks, paypal, cards) to monitor payments and collections
  • Provides customer and supplier statements
  • Manages forecast cashflow to equip the company with predictive tools to govern liquidity.
  • Makes faster decisions with information available at any time.
  • Reduces overall IT and telecommunications costs due to the economies of scale achievable with a suite available as a service (SAAS) mode.

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